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Clean Your Body From Nicotine

All smokers and those who have recently quit smoking should, as soon as possible should include in their menu products that help quickly flush from the organism the long precipitated nicotine.

It is known that cigarette addicts lack many vitamins and minerals, because smoking adversely affects the ability of their absorption of food.

This bad habit mostly affects the reduction of the amount of vitamin C and the higher the number of cigarettes smoked during the day, the less vitamin C is in the body. That is why smokers need a daily dose of 2.000 mg of vitamin C, which can be provided with regular consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Experts found that, smokers who increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables have 23% less chance of suffering from lung cancer.

Particularly positive effect on the health of cigarette addicts have root vegetables, cabbage, onions, garlic and mushrooms. The fridge should be full with green foods, such as spinach, parsley, kale and broccoli. They often clean the body from various chemical toxins from the environment, smog, tobacco, pesticides, heavy metals and they are very useful for detoxification of the liver.

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