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What The Color Of Your Snot Says About Your Health

Everyone has problems with increased excretion of nasal mucus during the colder months, but its color is not the same for everyone. The reason for this is that each organism reacts differently to these weather conditions. From its color we can determine how well the organism deals with these challenges:


Without color. Everything is fine, there should be no color. The snot is water with protein, antibody and dissolved salts. Most of it goes into the stomach without knowing.

White color. The color is usually like this when the nose is stuffy. The nasal cavity becomes inflamed and swells, and the mucus becomes firmer and it clogs the channels.

Yellow. You have a cold. The white blood cells have already engaged in the fight against viruses and infections. When they are finished with their work, they go out through the mucus.

Green. This color means that the mucus is full of white blood cells and other remains of the fight against viruses. If this happens 12 days after you’ve got stuffed nose, it is best to visit a doctor.

Red or pink. It is a sign of blood. The nose tissue bleeds for some reason.

Brown. It may be blood, but it is more likely to be something you have inhaled it previously.

Black. Unless you are a smoker, this is a sign of a serious fungal disease. This rarely happens, usually among people with compromised immunity.

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