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Cubans Have Made a Miraculous Cure by Tesla’s Recipe!

We all know about one of the world’s most famous inventor and scientist Nikola Tesla, author of more than seven hundred patents in the field of physics, electrical engineering and radio technology…  Among other things, he also patented a cure for the treatment of skin diseases. His discovery today is being produced by the Cubans.
It is about ozone sunflower oil, which eliminates skin lesions caused by a fungal disease, and even a diabetic foot.
Tesla, who in fact repeatedly recommended the ozone treatment, first designed the device for ozonation, i.e. for the production of gas and the generator.
So, this ozone he puts in the water, and in the same way, he made ozone sunflower oil. Both products he distributed to his friends, especially the oil to deal with skin diseases, stomach parasitic diseases, injuries, and wounds.

This discovery of Nikola Tesla, the cure which he did not patent,  was used by a group of experts from Havana.

They made 2 different products, both of which are based on ozonized oil from sunflower seeds. One is used for the treatment of skin diseases, and the other for parasitic diseases of the intestine.

Ozone water, that Tesla made, was used to kill germs and bacteria. Oil made by the Cubans, on the basis of its findings, has 2 applications:

  • The first oil is warm and is applied to the skin and solves all the problems caused by the fungus on it. Closes wounds caused by them, and even those resulting from a diabetic foot.
  • The second oil, which is also with ozone, can be consumed.

It is mainly used by people who have parasitic diseases because it kills all the parasites in the body. And at the end adds that it is likely that these products arrive in our country next year.

The same thing can be done by using olive or coconut oil.

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