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Danger: Avoid Buying Products That in its Declaration Have These Things

Often in shops you can find products whose declaration has ingredients flow with unknown and unusual names. But, what do they mean, for what do they serve and are they good or bad for our health? Take a look at this list of ingredients, composed of well-known nutritionists that you should avoid, if you want to keep your health.


MSG or E621

It is a flavoring that is most common in the products industry as an instant soup and processed meat products. Although with its 10 years of use in the food industry it is not proven that it has detrimental impact on health, yet there are signs that show that it can cause symptoms such as headache and nausea.


Artificial sweeteners have no energy value, but still provide us with an intense taste of sweetness. Therefore they are very present in the food products. Their application can positively affect those on a diet, as well as persons who suffer from diabetes. But, the use of certain sweeteners, such as E951 can cause potential damage to health.

Trans-fatty acids

They are generated by the partial hydrogenation of vegetable oils. It is about fatty acids that negatively affect the health, because they increase the level of bad cholesterol, which then leads to the risk of different types of heart disease.

Nitrites and nitrates

Nitrites and nitrates are preservatives that are mostly used for the production of meat products, cheese and certain fish products. In the body they often disrupt the flow of oxygen in the blood, and that is why all the products that contain it should be avoided, especially in sensitive children.

E102 and E123

The use of different artificial colors such as E102 and E123 in certain countries is completely banned, because there is a suspicion that they can cause different kinds of health problems. If you are able, always select those products that contain natural dyes, such as pepper extract (E160c) and turmeric (E100).

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