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Did You Know That 70% of US Apple Juice Comes From China And Laced With Arsenic?

China is considered as the largest apple producer in the world. Chinese apples are known to be bitter so they can barely be eaten. So they are made profitable by turning them into a powdery concentrate. According to F&WW, more than 70% of apple juice consumed in the US now comes from China. Dr. Oz, after testing dozens of samples from 3 different cities in the US, has discovered that some of the best known brands of apple juice contain arsenic.


The arsenic levels produced by the F&WW tests exceeded those found in apple juice by the St. Petersburg Times in 2010. The FDA has previously expressed concerns about arsenic levels above 23 parts per billion and hasn’t yes commented on the uptick that may be occurring from the Chinese apple juice.

It is certainly a shame that the US government has driven the apple farmers out of business so that apple juice needs to be brought in from overseas.

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