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Do NOT Throw Away the Tangerine Peel – it Will Save You From a Cough and Sore Throat!

If you are troubled by sore throat or a cough, and you have unsprayed tangerine at home, you can make a great remedy from its crust.

Here is what you should do if you want to use the tangerine peel as medicine:

Grind 50 grams of tangerine peel and place the mixture in a jar.

Pour the grinded peel with a glass of vodka or 40% alcohol.

Close the jar and leave it for a week in the dark.

Take one teaspoon after eating, and then eat one teaspoon of honey.

These are the other reasons why tangerines are excellent:

– With tangerines you achieve the optimum vitamin, because in 100 grams of this fruit has 30 milligrams of vitamin C. This fruit has a small energy value, and is rich in fiber, which improves digestion.

– Tangerines are good for sight the production of velvety skin, and they are also a good antioxidant. You can eat them with apples, pears or nuts.

– If you are good in the kitchen, you can make a tangerine sauce that you can serve with meat or as a salad dressing.

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