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Do Not Throw Away the Watermelon Rind: Here’s What it’s Good For!

The best summer fruit – watermelon. During the summer, you can buy juicy watermelons almost everywhere. But, most people are accustomed to eat only the sweet interior and throw away the rind.

Livestrong says that it is shame to throw away the rind, because in this part of the watermelon are found vitamins B and C, and citrulline.

watermelon rind

Citrulline converts into arginine that is very important for heart health and circulation:

1. Fights free radicals.

2. Perfect for libido.

3. Weight loss.

But, be thorough and first wash well the watermelon. Then you can grind it and add to your favorite healthy beverages.

Source: http://www.livestrong.com/article/408893-benefits-of-watermelon-rinds/


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