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Do you Know Why it is so Important to Massage Your Feet Before Going to Bed?

This is one simple, yet amazing technique that can be the greatest gifts is the process of self-healing.

Doctors have pointed out the importance of massage and self-massage!



Multiple positive effects

The massage improves blood circulation, from the sebaceous and sweat glands secretions are squeezed, the subcutaneous fat is reduced and cushioned clusters, the metabolism improves i.e. accelerates the flow of nutrients to the tissues, enhances the oxygenation of tissues and swelling of the lymph, which is why the skin gets a stronger tone, becomes more elastic and looks healthier and younger.

On the condition of muscles that move our body, heavily dependent are posture and appearance.

The massage affects them so as to stretch and shrink, so they become stronger, and also more relaxed, because the massage removes buildup of lactic acid that lead to cramps and muscle pain.

In addition, the massage stimulates and facilitates digestion and is a great help as a remedy, but also as one of the ways of treating certain conditions.

Here in this picture, you can clearly see which part of the foot corresponds to which organ!

It is known that with a massage and pressure on certain part of the foot, you can treat some diseases of the organs, but also reduce pain!

You should have a massage right before going to bed, and we recommend that you include it in your daily routine and take the needed time for it.


Duration of the massage: 10-15 minutes

If you already have a particular disease, let the picture guide you and press the place of pain, or simply massage your whole foot for improvement of the entire body.

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