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Do You Know WHY Your Hair is Falling? Read What You Are Doing Wrong

Basically every hairstyle is for a healthy hair. As the building constructed on sand is doomed to demolition, so any hairstyle won’t give the desired results if the hair lacks in vitality. Hair loss is one of the many problems that young and elderly people encounter with.

Why your hair is falling?

Fifty years ago cases of hair loss in women were rare. Today, hair loss is found as often in women as in men. Modern life affects the condition of the hair, its rhythm and its imbalance, modern technical products that act both positively and negatively (when they are not used properly).

hair fall


The hair is influenced by the main hormones. A sufficient amount of female hormones (estrogen) is a sign that the hair is in good condition; the hair is never more beautiful than during pregnancy (from the third month), when many estrogens are created. Shortness of thyroid hormones causes dry and thin hair. The abundance of birth hormones (progestational) causes hair loss; that is why the hair regularly falls two or three months after giving birth. A plethora of male hormones (androgens) causes seborrhea, and thus hair loss.

Did you know that in a normal state, you create a certain amount of androgens?

The doctors concluded that women who lead a life like men with their activity, their concerns and their responsibilities, generate it more.

Thence, the certain hair loss. Also increasingly taking these hormones in drugs due to interference in the work of glands or simply as a means of strengthening, can act on hair loss.

Some drugs also affect hair loss: certain diuretics, antibiotics, anticoagulants, etc. As well as a diet for weight loss and modern products that are bad or excessively used.

Causes for hair loss:

– Shampoos containing too much detergent, so they remove grease from the surface of the hair, but irritate the sebaceous glands, which is why after a long time the hair gets even greaser;

– Too sudden hair coloring, too strong (permanent), frequent or poorly done;

– Stretching the hair through curlers held all night, especially when squeezed and when there are a large number at the top of the head;

– For some hairstyles such as a ponytail, bun, braids, lacquered hair, etc., and if there is less hair pulling (habits such as plucking the hair while reading or writing – a result of nervousness).

In other cases, hair loss is related to a medical condition.

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