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Drinking Iced Water…Refreshing But Unhealthy And Dangerous?

Some information that you already know is that warm water opens pores and loosens the skin, while cold water closes pores and constricts the skin. Same thing happens to your digestive tracts when you drink iced water.

Iced Water

What does the cold water do to your body?

– The body spends more energy regulating the temperature instead of absorbing and digesting food.

– Cold beverages shrink blood vessels, restrict digestion and hinder hydration.

– When you drink cold beverages while you eat, the body cannot digest undesired fats from your body properly, because the cold temperature solidifies fat from the food you eat.

– You are more likely to catch a cold or some disease if you prefer to drink cold water after meals.

Why is warm water better for you?

– Hydrates tissues faster

– Stimulates digestive enzymes and enhances digestion

– The body breaks down food more efficiently

– Improves bowel movements (example: warm lemon water in the morning)

– Boosts natural detoxification and cleans the blood via skin, kidneys and lymphatic system

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