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The Easiest Recipe For Healthy Almond Milk


If you want to eat something that is very healthy and easy to prepare, almond milk will be an exquisite choice for you. Unlike cow’s milk, which can be harmful to the health of adults and children, almond milk has only positive effects .

almond milk

Almonds are rich in proteins, saturated fats (healthy fats), vitamin E, vitamin B complex, magnesium, potassium, manganese, copper, iron, calcium and other healthy and nutritious ingredients. Some researchers claim that the milk of almonds contains very important vitamin D. From all the results above, we can see that the almonds have excellent health effects, such as prevention and treatment of illnesses. First of all, it is good for the heart, fat regulation, blood pressure, blood sugar, for bones, regeneration, energy …

Almond milk can be prepared in various ways. And, this is the easiest way to make it:

You’ll need raw almonds (for example, one cup). Soak them in water for at least several hours or overnight. After that, put the almonds in a blender with three times more water than you have almonds (if there is one cup of almonds, then should be three cups of water) and add honey or malt to sweeten it. Then mix a couple of minutes and then strain the milk through a strainer or cheesecloth.

Congratulations! You made your own almond milk. The mass or pulp that remains after juicing, can be used to add to the purees or for preparing other healthy dishes.

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