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Easy Swiss Chard Carrot Salad With Tahini Dressing

This salad is a variation of Moroccan Swiss Chard Carrot Salad , but with garlic and tahini dressing. And this easy dressing makes it special!

Swiss Chard Carrot Salad


One onion cut in circles

5 medium carrots cut into thin strips

bunch of Swiss chard


2 Garlic

1 tbsp. Tahini


Put a salt in water that you have previously boiled. When it’s done put the onion first and then the chard stalks.

Leave them to steam and then take them out.

Add the carrots together with the Swiss chard leaves at the end in the same water where the other ingredients were cooking.


Two garlic in a little previously boiled water, one spoon of a Tahini and water.

Cut the vegetables that were previously cooked and mix them with a hand and add the dressing on the top.


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