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How to Eat Your Vegetables Even if You Don’t Like Them


If you think that healthy food can’t be delicious, you’re sooo wrong. See a few tricks that will change your mind and maybe change your eating habits.

You know that vegetables are very healthy and necessary for the human body, but they can never become your favorite dish? No worries, there are a few tricks on how to cook your vegetables, so they can be healthy and tasty.

 baby eating vegetables

Use “baby vegetables”

Vegetables are generally tastier while they’re still ”young”. Young vegetable has a finer structure and it’s better digested, it’s not so bitter and did not need to be cooked for a long time.

Vegetable oil

All kinds of vegetable oils, and most olive oil, will improve the taste of vegetables. It is best to use the oil with your favorite spices and use this mixture with various vegetables.


Various sauces will enhance the taste primarily of raw vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, peppers, tomatoes or cucumbers. Sauces don’t contain a lot of calories to be delicious – there are healthy sauces that will still fix the taste of vegetables.


Take a hint from Asian countries whose residents eat a lot of vegetables – you just need to know how to cook them properly. Cook the vegetables on steam for 30 to 60 seconds, then remove them and place them in cold water. Then if you like, you can briefly to fry them in a little oil. 

”Hide it”

If you do not like the taste of certain vegetables, the best solution is a soup with 3 or 4 vegetables and some spices – they will change the taste of vegetables that you don’t like and this is how you ”hide” them in another dish.


You can add the vegetables in your favorite dishes – you’ll be surprised. For example, you can refresh the classic scrambled eggs with some radishes or broccoli.


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