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Eating Healthy and Still Getting FAT? Here’s Why!

If you are wondering why your healthy diet that includes homemade fruit frappes, yogurt, dark bread with honey and so, does not affect weight loss… Keep in mind that this healthy food actually promotes obesity.

If you are not careful with the amount, apart from the frappes and olive oil, chicken, oatmeal and nuts and cookies with less fat and so… All of this will cause obesity.

British nutritionists Catherine Matthews says, “You might think that fruit and vegetable frappes are full of vitamins and minerals, but there are also natural sugars that they abound. Some frappes have an equal amount of sugar as soft drinks”.

Homemade frappes are healthier, because they contain many nutrients, but do not contain additives.

And honey, in addition to nutrients, contains sugar. Drinking fruit juices can be the quickest way for obesity, warns the nutritionist.

Besides that, food low in fat such as non-fat yogurt, cookies and other sweets, often have more calories than the standard vision of the product.

There is also the chicken, meat that is commonly eaten as part of the diet. Because it is considered as a healthy alternative to red meat, doesn’t mean it can’t make you fatter. The most important thing is how it is cooked. If eaten with the skin, the number of calories increases from 100 to 300.

Problems with juices

Experts from the British Dietetic Association have long been struggling against heavy and frequent drinking of fruit juices. They consider that it is always better to eat a whole fruit, because it has nutrients.

From the same association recommend that, fruit juices tend to be sour and that is why frequent consumption can damage tooth enamel.

The nutritionist Matthews believes that those who want to lose weigh, should eat more proteins for breakfast. Things such as eggs, because after such a breakfast we will feel full for a longer period.

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