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Everyone Should Know This – How to Survive a Heart Attack if You are Alone at the Time

The greatest “skill” you can master is probably surviving a heart attack, because it can save your life or the life of a stranger.

The signs of a heart attack are pain in the chest spreading to the jaw and arm. You have 15 seconds before losing consciousness. Sometimes, the symptoms appear slowly and so you have more time to get to the hospital or ask for help.

The “skill” that you should develop is coughing. Constantly cough! Take deep breaths and cough. Do not stop coughing. Take deep breaths and cough every two seconds. Continue to cough while you ask for help from your neighbors or using your phone.

Experts say that, people who cough while asking for help manage to go to the hospital and get proper help.

There is not a strong scientific evidence of this technique, but doctors suggest it.

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