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Exercise During Menstruation: 5 Truths That You Should Know

Instead of staying in bed during “those” days and taking various painkillers, exercise to neutralize the cramps in a natural way. In just half an hour with light aerobic exercises, you will feel cheerful and happy.
Are you not convinced? Perhaps these 5 truths will succeed in doing so:
Every woman differently submits this period, but for many of them, it is better to exercise. Experts emphasize that the training must be easy, and you need to listen to your body in order not to force yourself and not be too tired.

1. With exercise against mood swings

Most women during these days are struggling with bloating, cramps and mood swings. The training will help you keep smiling, to remove the bloating and to ease the pain.

During the workout, you sweat, wherein you discharge excess fluids, and thus the feeling of bloating decreases. Exercise also encourages the secretion of the hormone of happiness (endorphins), which stimulates our mood and we do not think about spasms. Recent studies have shown that regular exercise during the cycle reduces PMS symptoms.

2. Time for intensive training

During the cycle, the level of progesterone and estrogen declines and it leads to women in those days to burn more calories than usual. It is advised during those days to make a few brief, but intense exercises.

3. Water sports are recommended

There is a common opinion that water should be avoided during the cycle, which is wrong. Swimming and enjoyment under a warm shower after a workout helps circulation and reduces the cramps. Be sure to choose the appropriate protection.

4. Adjust the workout to yourself

If the usual cardio training during the cycle is not very pleasant, because you feel bloated and clumsy, we advise you to try yoga or Pilates. Exercises that are practiced on these training stretch the muscles more and thus reduce spasms. If besides abdominal cramps, you also have pain in the lower back, this type of exercise is recommended.

5. It is okay to take a break

If you have severe pain or you are simply not in the mood for any kind of exercise during the cycle, do not allow yourself to feel remorse, because a walk in the park will also help you.

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