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Experts Warn: Yogurt Contains 4 DANGEROUS Ingredients that Are NOT on the Declaration

Yogurt is a most-liked snack for millions of people, it is refreshing, full of useful bacteria and vitamins, and yet, do we really know what it all contains?

Recently a new record has appeared from the institute Cornucopia who criticizes the industry of modern food. They argue that it can easily happen to buy yogurt with too much unexamined additives.

The terrible discovery of the institute Cornucopia draws attention to the harmful ingredients that are not marked on the packaging.

The institute has been exploring the leading brands of yogurt for 2 years and came to a shocking discovery. Their discovery shows that the yogurts contain some alarming ingredients not mentioned on the declaration.

Appalled by his discovery, the institute has filed an official complaint to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the US, begging them to investigate the activities of some manufacturers of yogurt on the market, because they did not meet the legal definition of yogurt.

These are the 4 most dangerous ingredients in yogurt:

1) Carrageenan

Polysaccharide derived from red sea algae. For 4 decades, the scientists have warned that the use of carrageenan is not secure for food consumption. Studies show again that this polysaccharide is connected with the occurrence of gastrointestinal inflammation, as well as with the higher rate of occurrence of inflammation of the intestinal lesions, ulcers and even malignant tumors. However, manufacturers ignore this and maintain to use this ingredient in yogurt.

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