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Five Things That Super Successful People DO Before 8 AM


A great morning leads to a great and successful day. So, make sure that your mornings are better organized and start your day with as little stress as you can.

Successful people are practicing some rules every morning, so if you’re not already in that group, you could apply some of their tricks.

Here’s what successful people do every morning:


Make sure that you exercise every morning. It doesn’t matter which exercises you’ll be doing, it is essential that you are active. If your job requires long sitting, you might have a health problem. Physical activity is very important for you. Get up at least 15 minutes earlier that you do usually and move your body (dance if you want 🙂 ).

early morning healthy exercise

Make plans:

It is essential that in morning you always have a plan of things you’re ought to do. That will lead to much better organized day and easier to perform tasks. Be careful not to overstate just in planning and rely on the fact that you’re just a human who need a break and some rest .

Eat a healthy breakfast:

Surely you’ve heard many times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So eat something good that will provide you the energy for the whole workday .


In the morning, it’s good to visualize the day ahead. It is a mental programming skill and presents you clearly which are your targets for the day and how to easily achieve them .

Be firm and fearless:

Probably you are aware that some mornings you’ll have to do some things that will delay you and that you do not really want to do them. However, the best thing that you can do is to finish the most annoying task first, and than deal with the rest. It will give you the rest of the day for doing the things you love to do.

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