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Foot Reflexology: 7 Points That Can Make You Feel Reborn

In the human legs there are thousands of nerve endings. If you know to press the specific points located on your feet, it will help you relax and stimulate the whole body to function properly.

Massage your feet with the big finger and index finger.

Here are the parts of our feet that are connected with the organs of our body:

– By massaging the big toe, you act on the hypothalamus. This is very useful for people who have weight problems.

– In the center of your large thumb is a point responsible for the work of the pituitary gland (the main hormone gland). If you pay enough attention to this point, you do not have to be afraid of hormone imbalance.

– In the base of the big toe is the equivalent to a massage of the thyroid gland.

– Massaging the foot center – true enjoyment and relaxation! The tangle of nerves is linked with the diaphragm. Helps relieve tension and stress.

– In the inner edges of the feet are nerve endings that are connected with the work of the adrenal gland. Massage this point if you feel fatigue.

– By massaging in the area closer to the heel, the excretory system is activated.

So, give yourself the gift of massaging your feet after a long day.

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