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Forget About Silicons – Six Herbs That Can Increase Your Breasts!

Plastic surgery, over the years, has become a type of fashion, but natural is still better. Here are tips of herbs that are not common, but have a strong effect on breast size…
The first one on the list is fenugreek, a seed originating from Greece. The seeds can be purchased at any herbal pharmacy, and you should soak them in water through the night. The next day, massage your breasts with that water.
Thistle has long been known for its variety of beneficial effects and the consumption of thistle strengthens the reproductive system and increases blood flow in the breast tissue. By the way it is also a great help for digestion, and the reasons for consumption are plenty.

Fennelis not only used for tea for soothing camps in babies, but its ingredients anethole, dianetholim and photoanetholim increase the amount of estrogen in your body.

Additionally contains phytoestrogen, which stimulates breast development and increases the production of milk in wet-nurses.

Licorice contains the same ingredients as fennel, so as the same effects.

Anis, a Chinese herb used as a seasoning, and the ingredients in it affect breast growth. That is why you can start using it more frequently for that purpose.

Finally, there is the Pueraria mirifica, a Thailand herb used in creams and lotions for wrinkles, and in addition it is the active ingredient in pills and creams for breast enhancement, because it fills and strengthens the breasts.

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