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Get Rid of Sagging Eyelids in 2 Minutes, With This Amazing Recipe

Aging brings a lot of changes in our appearance. With time our face starts showing wrinkles and lines, the skin loses firmness and elasticity. The first signs of aging may appear in the eye area. Collagen production decreases with age and over time, the tissues and muscles around the eyes weaken. Fluids and fats build up in the lower eyelids and make the skin under the eyes loose suppleness and elasticity.

The result of this is that the eyes begin to look swollen and the dark circles make you look older. But, there are other factors that contribute to swollen eyelids. People who go through hormonal changes are usually stressed out and under slept. Also, another very common factor is the lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking. And last, the genetics play a role in this too.

Here is a simple home recipe to prevent this issue from happening.


– 1 cotton swab

– 1 egg white


First, clean your eyelids from make-up and make sure they are dry.

For this treatment you will only need the egg white, so firstly separate the whites from the yolk.

Then, soak the cotton swab in the egg white.

Close the eyelids and slowly apply the egg white across the eyelids.

Keep the eyes closes until the egg white dries completely.

If you cannot wait, use a fan to speed up the process.


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