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Get Rid of Your Vaginal Infection ONCE AND FOR ALL With This Natural Ingredient

Vaginitis is an inflammation of the vagina. This is one of the most common disorders in the gynecology. Almost all women at some stage of life experienced this disease and it is believed that at least 10% of women every year has at least one episode of inflammation of the vagina. We believe that many of our readers have or have had this problem.

vaginal infection

The most common symptoms are: very annoying itching of the vulva, increased secretion from the vagina to the change in color or odor of the vaginal discharge, pain during urination and frequent urination, swelling of the genitals etc.

There are several types of vaginitis, and the most common is known as candidiasis. The most frequent infection caused by the yeast Candida Albicans.

According to Dr. Eileen Hilton, infection disease specialist from New York, there is a very simple and very effective all-natural way to get rid of the inflammation of the vagina and all the problems in this regard.

The recipe is simple and the instructions are: every day over a longer period of time you drink a glass of fresh yogurt.

That’s right – the entire recipe consists in a regular consumption of yogurt.

The yogurt must contain live acidophilus bacteria cultures and you should check the package before purchasing it.

Dr Hilton did more researches in which included women who had recurrent inflammation of the vagina, and during the six months, one group was taking regular daily cup of yogurt and the other doesn’t. After completing the period, the number of infection of the vagina was three times lower in women who consumed yogurt from those that weren’t. Women who had inflammation of the vagina up to three times in six months, with regular intake of yogurt, the inflammation was almost completely vanished.

Women who have these problems should continue with regular use one cup of yogurt a day. In the battle against the infection, the actual fighting are doing the acidophilus bacteria – L. acidophilus that are found in most yogurts and whose actions regulate flora and treat inflammation.

If you want, you can also make yogurt by yourself, but be sure to purchase acidophilus cultures that can be found in many healthy food stores.

Otherwise, look for the appropriate yogurt in your local supermarket.

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