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Girls, Here’s What to do if You FORGET to Take Your CONTRACEPTIVE PILL

You should take your pills every day at the same time, three weeks in a row and take a break of 7 days. This is a very simple and clear procedure, but sometimes life commitments disrupt this routine and change the whole process of protection from unwanted pregnancy or hormonal therapy.

Research shows that women often forget to take their contraceptive pills during the weekend – when their daily routines are disrupted. Then it comes to problems that lead to the main question: What to do if we forget to take one contraceptive pill?

contraceptive pills

It is important to know in which week you forgot to take one or more pills. The biggest risk of pregnancy occurs when we forget to take a pill in the first week, after the break. But, if the delay is not longer than 12 hours, it almost has no risk.

Here’s what to do if you missed one or more contraceptive pills:

One pill

If you miss only one pill or you are one day late, you will still be protected from unwanted pregnancy with the new series of pills in the new cycle. Immediately drink the forgotten pill, even if you drink two in one day. The rest of the pills continue to drink in the usual schedule. When you finish the series of pills, as usual, take a break of 7 days.

Two or more pills

If you forget to drink two or more pills or you start a new cycle, with a delay of two or more days, the risk of unwanted pregnancy becomes greatly increased. Immediately drink one as a replacement for the one you missed and one for that day. However, it is important not to restore two or more pills at once. This means to neglect the others that you have missed, and drink the remaining pills in the normal schedule. The next 7 days, during intercourse use extra protection.

For those who constantly forget to take pill, try hormonal contraception in the form of skin tags (they change weekly) or vaginal ring (that stands in the womb releasing hormones for 3 weeks, followed by a seven-day break).

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