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Grab That Bathing Suit You’ve Always Wanted to Wear! No More Belly Fat With This Amazing Drink!


During the winter months, our body usually tends to increase the accumulation of fatty deposits, which contributes to reduced physical activity and caloric food. With the first warm days we usually become aware of critical areas – the abdomen, thighs, buttocks… Instead of thinking how to “mask” the problem areas with plus size clothing, we’re bringing you the perfect drink that combined with regular physical activity will help you to melt your unwanted fat.

Weight loss drink


Grate lemon rind and pour 240 ml. boiling water. After ten minutes, add the lemon juice, the apple vinegar and the ground pepper. Stir before each sip and drink before and after each meal.

How This Drink Works:

Ground pepper helps digestion of food, metabolism and stimulates fat burning. In fact, its ingredient, capsaicin, stimulates the nervous system that produces heat in the body that promotes the accelerated consumption of calories.

The lemon slows down the deposition of fat, and its bark contains polikosanol, compound that helps burn deposited fat.

Apple vinegar, consumed regularly, but not too much, helps the decomposition of fat in the body especially the belly fat.

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