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Have You Heard of This 6000 Years Old Medicine? Here is What it Heals And How to Prepare it

Have you ever heard of pastel? The recipe dates back 6000 years ago and it is mentioned in ancient Greece and the Middle East. Pastel is the name under which this specialty is known. Some call it Greek breakfast. Dessert or medicine, this dish is mentioned in Homer’s Iliad as Intrion.

In Homer’s Iliad, the intrion or pastels, have been given to Hellenic warriors before they leave for battle in order to have energy and strength for serious efforts and battles. Pastels are mentioned in the ancient Egyptian writings, where women took it to stimulate the hormonal glands and to intensify the sexual pleasure and the libido. The famous Greek writer and the father of history – Herodotus, called the pastels a delicacy and a medicine at the same time, because they had so many medicinal properties.


What do pastels mean? It is a mixture of two super healthy foods – sesame and honey. The original recipe is:

– 300 g. tahini (pasta made from ground sesame seeds)

– 300 g. natural honey

We combine these two ingredients in a bowl. The accumulated oil formed on top of the bowl with tahini can leak, so you can safely remove it. Both of the ingredients are liquid, but interesting, when mixed they get solidified in a mass that can be shaped as modeling plasticine. Make balls or some other form that is interesting to you.

Arrange them on a platter and leave them in the refrigerator. When mixing, if you like, you can also add a few crushed pieces of walnut, almonds, pistachios or chestnuts. Some people press them, but it is not recommended, because there is a great loss of beneficial ingredients and also the taste changes.

To use it as a medicine you need to take 2-3 balls per day. However this will be very difficult once you realize how delicious these sweets are. Be reasonable, because this is an energy “bomb”.

The combination of these two ingredients gives the holy grail of useful components and also: zinc, iron, fiber, magnesium, calcium, copper and a number of vitamins, especially the B group, and almost all the key ingredients for health and functioning.

According to studies, the combination that creates synergy of all of these natural ingredients is effective in regulating the blood lipids, especially LDL and HDL cholesterol. The pastels will ideally act to regulate the irregular heartbeat, the high blood pressure and improve circulation. It will give you the necessary energy and strength for a hard physical work and decrease it. The research suggests that regular use solves chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression and significantly increases the libido in both women and men. This combination has a wonderful effect on chronic stress after 3 weeks of regular use.

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