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All the Health Benefits of Eating Sugar Apples

Sugar apples are native to South America, West Indies and many regions in Asia. Many people describe their taste as a cross between a pear and a coconut and they are related to what is known as graviola or soursop. Their tough exterior looks like a rounded pinecone and their flesh is white and juicy with shiny black seeds. They can be turned into smoothies and shakes.

Sugar apples contain vitamin A, vitamin B6 and they are an excellent source of magnesium.

Here are the benefits of sugar apples:

– Eating them promotes healthy eyes

– Sugar apples are good for your skin and hair

– Asthmatics can benefit from consuming sugar apples

– They help promote weight gain

– Consuming them helps regulate your blood pressure

– They lower your risk of having a heart attack

– They help ward off anemia

– They lower bad cholesterol

– Including them in your diet strengthens the bones

– Eating sugar apples makes you feel energized

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