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Here is How You Can Reduce High Blood Pressure Without Medication in Only 5 Minutes

High blood pressure is considered as one of the most dangerous diseases nowadays. It can be cause by increased stress, obesity, sleep deprivation, increased consumption of alcohol, smoking and salty food.

High blood pressure occurs when muscles get really tense, blood vessels contract and blood pressure rises. We need to relax the muscles in order to get the pressure to normal.


Doctor Lu Hun Sen, brings light to the secret of ancient Chinese medicine:

Points 1-2

This is line instead of a point. It passes from the back of your earlobe to the middle of your collar bone. Caress this line very slowly, but do not massage it. Barely touching your fingertips, gently caress the hand from top to bottom. Do this 10 times on one side, and 10 times on the other side as well.

Point 3

This point is found on the part of your face in the height with your earlobe approximately half inch away from your ear and ends towards your nose.

Massage both sides for about 60 seconds, with your fingertips. Do not push hard, as you may feel pain. The direction of movement is irrelevant. The most important thing is that you feel pressure to a certain point.

Your blood pressure should get back to normal, after doing this simple treatment.

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