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Here is The Most Popular Anti-Wrinkle Recipe From the Famous Herbalist Maurice Mességué

Maurice Mességué is one of the most respected herbalists from the last century. According to him the best “first aid” against wrinkles is the mask and beverage made from barley, which today has also a basis in science and is used for rejuvenation.


– 200g of barley

– Cotton rags for coating, gauze


In 1 liter of water boil 200 g of barley seeds (preferably drenched overnight), for about an hour.

Blend the boiled barley, and then strain it through gauze.

That way you will get liquid and dense pulp.

Apply the pulp on a cleansed face and leave it on for 20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water.

Make a coating with cotton rags that you have already dipped in the liquid, and then apply to your face. Leave it on for about 15 minutes and drink a cup of the liquid.

Do this once a week.

You will get a beautiful, shiny and smooth skin, and the wrinkles will be visibly reduced!

Extra tips from the famous herbalist:

Alternatively use one of the following beverages:

Tea from the flowers of arnica (2 pinches for 1 cup)

Tea from petals of red roses and wild roses (5 pinches for 1 cup)

Tea from leaves or flowers of tricolor sweet violet (3 pinches for 1 cup)

Tea from flowers of linden (4 pinches for 1 cup)

Tea from leaves and flowers of violets (3 pinches fro 1 cup)

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