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Homemade Cream for Sagging Breasts that Works Like a Miracle

As time passes, women begin to face with loose breasts. The problems occurs due to loss of elasticity with age, therefore they become saggy. This leads to insecurity and reduced confidence.

Breasts can lose strength due to many factors, including pregnancy, menopause, unhealthy diet, rapid increase in body weight or rapid weight loss, excessive sunbathing, inadequate bra, cigarettes, alcohol and many other things. But, these slow and gradual problems of the appearance of your breasts, you can prevent in several ways.

First, maintain a healthy weight. Drink plenty of water, eat healthy and exercise. Regularly rub yourself with oil or cream of aloe vera. Also, there are different treatments that effectively prevent saggy breasts. For example, do exercises for the front chest, like push-ups, exercises with weights… Also, massage your chest with ice or various essential oils. Finally, take a look at this recipe that does wonders for saggy breasts.


– 1 yoghurt

– 2 vials of vitamin E oil

– 3 eggs

Preparation and use:

Mix all the ingredients together. Apply the mixture on your breasts by gently massaging. Leave it to work for half an hour, and then wash with cold water.

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