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Honey and Walnuts Can Help You Treat High Blood Pressure and Stomach Ulcer

We suggest a few recipes for several medicinal products, whose main ingredients are honey and walnuts. You have never tried a better-tasting medicine, trust me.


Put half kilogram of crushed walnuts and juice of one lemon, in half kilogram of honey, mix everything together and take one tablespoon, three times a day.

High blood pressure:

To reduce high blood pressure, in a natural way, take daily 100 g of walnuts and the same amount of honey for 45 days.

For stomach ulcer:

Walnut milk is a true salvation, and you can prepare it in a very simple way. Mix some finely ground walnuts with warm water in a blender until you get a milky mixture. In this kind of milk add two tablespoons of honey, and drink 2-3 tablespoons before each meal.

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