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This Household Item Holds More Germs Than A Toilet Seat… And You Use it Daily Without Knowing it!

It may sound contradictory, but the dirtiest item in the household is constantly under soap and water.

Philip Tierno, Clinical Professor of Microbiology and Pathology, claims something that nobody knows, and it is about our daily hygiene.

He claims that the dirtiest item in the household is… the kitchen sponge!

–          The sponge is full of holes which retain the dirt, and even undesirable microorganisms. When you wash the dishes, pieces of food remain stuck in the cracks, and because the sponge stays wet and slowly dries, every 20 minutes a new bacteria develops, explains Dr. Tierno.

As he claims, the best way to disinfect is with chlorine bleach.

The solution should be mixed with water in a ratio of 1:9 and the sponge needs to stay in the liquid for several minutes.

Then it should be drained and dried well. Before the next use, rinse and then wash the dishes.      

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