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How 1 Teaspoon of CUMIN Daily Helps You Lose 3 Times as Much Body Fat

Cumin can help you lose weight much quicker and reduce the levels of harmful lipids in your body.


Iranian scientists conducted a research on cumin and body fat. They divided 88 women who were obese into 2 groups. The first one was given 3 gr. of cumin mixed into 5 gr. of yoghurt daily, and the other group consumed only yoghurt, without any additions.

– The women who ate cumin lost 3 pounds more than those who did not.

– The cumin reduced the body fat percentage.



How does cumin work?

Cumin is rich in phytosterols and antioxidants. The seeds of cumin support the function of the immune system and are a great source of iron. It has also been associated with cancer prevention.

How to consume cumin?

If you don’t like the mixture of 3 gr. (less than a teaspoon) of cumin and yoghurt, you can try other ways of consuming this spice.

You can sprinkle it on vegetables, nuts and other healthy snacks.

Make a tea, by boiling cumin seeds and letting them steep for about 10 minutes.




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