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How Can YOU Help a Person Who Suffers From Depression?

Give them your love and support. Depressed people feel hopeless, and often need to be reminded that someone cares for them. Hug the person that you want to help, because warm loving physical contact is very important. Tell the person that you love them and that you are there for them, in order to show them that someone cares. Studies show that depressed people, who have strong support from their family and friends, get more quickly out of depression than those who do not have support.

Offer practical help.

People who suffer from depression are not lazy, but their condition may contribute to feel difficulty coping with everyday tasks like paying bills, shopping, childcare. Take over some of the obligations of the person you want to help. Practical help can mean a lot.

Motivate them to join you in your workout or walking. Research shows that one of the best weapons in the fight against depression is exercise. Loss of energy is one of the features of depression, and exercise restores not only energy, but also the feeling of control over one’s body. Encourage and motivate the person to join you for a walk or a workout in the nearest park. Fresh air and a change of view will greatly help them. Endorphins that increase with exercise always help for a better mood and your invitation will show them that you also care for them.

Become their partner in treatment. Drugs and psychotherapy are crucial for treating depression, so help them take the prescribed drugs regularly and if needed accompany them to the doctor’s office and attend the meetings with the psychiatrist. At the beginning the antidepressants may not only not improve the situation, but can also cause side effects. In this period it’s necessary to encourage the person not to give up. Support them with optimistic statements such as “It will be better”.

Do not distance yourself from them. People often drop out of an active participation in the fight against depression, because sometimes battles last much longer than expected. Prepare yourself for a long journey, arm yourself with patience, and do not distance yourself from the depressed person. They require support, so assure them that you are a stable support.

Most importantly, take care of yourself. If you live with a depressed person, you can completely preoccupy yourself caring for them and neglect your own health. To have the strength to help, you must first be emotionally and psychologically stable yourself.

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