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How Harmful is Your Low Blood Pressure?

If you are frequently tired, you lack energy and you feel spinning in your head, you probably have hypotension.

The level of blood pressure is mainly genetically predisposed. Therefore, it is not rare that some people have low pressure all their lives, i.e. lower than 120 over 80. The problems with low pressure are particularly expressed during sudden changes from cold to hot or from hot to cold weather, which is common for the coming months.

low blood pressure

– The heat causes expansion of blood vessels, so the blood runs in the peripheral parts and the pressure falls further. Then several symptoms appear like drowsiness, lethargy, instability, loss of balance, distraction, which can be very uncomfortable. Certainly, older people should be more careful, because low blood pressure can cause dizziness.

– Low pressure is more common in women, especially in their middle age and above. They’re all advised to take care of what they eat and not to keep strict diets. Hypotension can also occur as a result of dehydration, depression, cardiovascular diseases, bacterial infections etc. Symptoms of low blood pressure, due to decreased blood flow, may disappear if the circulation improves.

– Low blood pressure can be adjusted by consuming a sufficient amount of liquids and salts. Salt helps to retain water in the body. It is also useful to drink a glass of red wine before lunch and one at night, because wine is rich in flavonoids and is a good antioxidant, and serves as a remedy for hypotension. You should drink more fluids, not too sweetened juices, soups, and stews.

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