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How to Grow Your Own Avocado Tree!

Think before throwing away that avocado seed! If you want to have your own avocado tree, you can plant it yourself. But, have in mind if you put it first in water and then in soil, it may not work as you want it to. Here is a simple “recipe” of how to plant an avocado seed.

avocado tree

How to plant an avocado seed:

– First, choose a healthy and undamaged seed.

– Then drench it in how water 40° to 52°C for 30 minutes.

– Cut a thin piece (about 1cm), from the conical end with a sharp knife.

– Then dip it in a fungicide.

– Plant the seed in a 15 cm pot of sandy soil, with the cut end above the surface.

– Put it in a warm location (18°C) or in bright, but not direct sunlight.

– Keep it moist, not wet, so it won’t rot.

– The germination takes about 3 – 4 weeks.

– The seeding can be grown in a pot until it is about 30 – 40 cm tall, but then it should be moved to a larger container.

Where to plant and care for the avocado tree:

– Once you have a healthy seedling, you need to plant it in an adequate container or in the garden.

– Avocados take cold up to -1°C.

– If you live in a very cold weather area, you need to plan to move your plant in a warmer location during that period.

– Always plant avocados in a well-drained soil, where they can get full sun, because they don’t wet feet. Allow the soil to dry before watering it again.

– The young trees only need light feeding, once in the summer and once in the spring, with an avocado-citrus fertilizer.

– As your tree grows, you will have it in a big wine barrel or another large pot, and plan to have that on wheels so you can move it easily when you need to.

Note: The seed raised trees start to bring fruit when they’re 5-7 years old.

Cross pollination

To get fruit you’ll have to have two different varieties, type A or type B.

Type A flower:

Don Gillogly









Type B flower:











Here is a different approach using water and toothpicks:

Mitchell Boyle made a video showing his success with the water and toothpick method for starting his seed:


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  • July 4, 2015 at 3:34 am

    l saw the tree so small but producing fruits,and you say it takes 5-7 year


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