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How to Make a Natural Spray Against DUST MITES and Save Yourself From Allergies!

Egyptian scientists at the University of Alexandria came to a very interesting discovery: essential oils can be of great help in the fight against the invisible, but dangerous dust mites that live in bedding, carpets, furniture and curtains.

To prevent their spread and thus counteract any possible source of allergies, it is best to use eucalyptus and clove essential oils.

dust mites

For natural spray against dust mites, in 1 liter of water add 20 drops of the selected oil and stir it in the sprayer. Use the spray on the parts of the furniture that cannot be washed.

For bedding, upholstery and other items that you frequently wash, use the oil by putting a few drops in the detergent dose, before you pour it in the machine.

For destroying mites in the carpet, pour 10 drops of essential oil into baking soda, and through a sieve, slowly sprinkle it all over the carpet. Wait for about half an hour and then vacuum.

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