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How to Make All Natural, Non-Toxic, Healthy Tanning Oil From Only 4 Ingredients

The best protection for our skin is of course – something natural, something like olive oil, but its natural SPF is only 2, which is not enough to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Natural, but higher SPF have carrots and walnuts, and their mixture allows an ultimate care of your skin.

natural tanning oils

Carrots are rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A, so they’re used in modern sunscreen oils and creams because they restore the skin and slow the aging process, but they accelerate the tanning. On the other hand, the lavender and the sage besides giving beautiful odor to the domestic oils, they are responsible for good skin care too.

Also, the lavender and the sage have anti-acne properties, heal burns and wounds and the healing sage reduces cellulite.

Recipe: In a bigger jar, put a few grated carrots, chopped green walnuts and a few flowers of lavender or sage.

Fill the jar little more than a half, then add the virgin olive oil. Leave the mixture to stand for 20-25 days in the sun, and every day shake it a little bit to mix well the ingredients.

Once the mixture is done, drain through cheesecloth and start using it! We wish you a nice tan and enjoyable sunbathing.

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