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How to Melt OVARIAN and KIDNEY CYSTS With the Help of This Juice (Recipe)

This drink has helped a lot of people to strengthen their immunity after a treatment from some serious illness. But there is more than that…

What is the mystery of this miracle juice?

The medicinal green juice of spelt leaves and sprouts does not contain any preservatives, chemical additives, colors and sweeteners. “The mystery of this drink lies in medicinal substances from spelt, primarily chlorophyll, which enriches the blood with oxygen and prevents the multiplication of cancerous cells”. Thanks to the fact that Dr. Otto Warburg, put aside these substances and discovered its performance to tumors, he won the Noble Prize in 1931.


The wonderful juice from spelt contains more than 300 enzymes, including the rare ones, which exist in the human organism from birth, but after some time, under the influence of stress, diet and toxins from the environment, only a small number of them remains in the liver. However, with the consumption of this drink, these substances are creating again and strengthen the body. Spelt is rich in vitamin B17, which knocks down cancer cells. It abilities can be used in a very successful treatment of OVARIAN AND KIDNEY CYSTS.

It should be noted that the beverage achieves a real effect only if it is drank fresh and frozen. It is best to immediately freeze it after squeezing it, and to take one or more ice cubes, mixed in a glass of water, every morning on an empty stomach. The value of this drink is lost within an hour, after it melts. If you use green juice, in less than a month, you will feel much better, from whatever you are sick”.


The well known spelt juice was first made by the English doctor Ann Wigmore, who more than half a century has been cured of colon cancer, thanks to this drink. She lived for over 90 years and has written a lot of books on healthy living, the fight against cancer of fresh food and of course about this wondrous cereal. Nemet Machash point out that anyone can make green juice and there isn’t any special secret – all the magic is in the nature.


Take the young green leaves and grind them and then squeeze the juice. Put the juice in ice cubes and freeze it. You should have 72 ice cubes, which you would use one, every day. In the morning put one ice cube in a glass of water and when it melts, drink it. There are a lot of amino acids, vitamins, minerals in wheat. The juice is also great for other organs. You should wait for the grains to grow up to a height of about 15 cm.

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