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How to Naturally Settle an Upset Stomach? The Kids Will Love This

Children often get nervous or feel stressed before an important event, exam, first day of school etc, and they usually experience digestive upsets. To help calm an upset stomach, these are some of the foods that should be given.

It is called the “BRAT” diet.

B” for bananas – it is rich in potassium and other vitamins and contains pectin, which helps firm stools.

R” for rice – does not put additional stress on the digestive system and helps absorb fluids. Also, the starch of the rice coats the stomach.

A” for applesauce – contains pectin, and if you are experiencing loose stools the applesauce is preferred, because it is easier to digest.

T” for toast – the char from the toast helps absorb toxins in the stomach that cause discomfort.

Additional stomach support: mint tea, ginger ale and fennel.

So, instead of using medication to calm the upset stomach or help you with the digestive tract, try some of these foods, as they will help you with the pain and discomfort.

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