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How to Recognize a HEART ATTACK One Month Before it Happens

Cardiovascular health is really important. A heart attack occurs when there is an artery buildup plaque, which causes a loss of blood supply to the heart and in succession leads to a heart attack.

A heart attack actually is dead tissue killed throughout the loss of blood flow.

Here are 6 common symptoms that you should pay attention to:

1. Cold sweats and dizziness – due to poor circulation the brain does not get the right blood flow that it needs in order to work appropriately. This is a symptom of extreme danger, so it is best to seek medical attention right away.

2. Chest pressure – this is one of the most noticeable symptoms of them all. Do not ignore the pressure and get checked immediately.

3. Weakness – this is a sign that the arteries have continued to decrease and do not allow the right blood flow throughout the body. Becoming increasingly weak is another dangerous symptom that you should not ignore.

4. Cold and flu symptoms – many people had developed flu and cold like symptoms just before an attack happened and these are also very scary signs.

5. Fatigue – if you feel drowsy and tired constantly, it might be a result in the loss of blood flow to the heart. This happens when there is an artery buildup plaque.

6. Shortness of breath – the lungs are going to suffer also due to the loss of blood flow. When not enough blood gets to the lungs, you will not be able to take in enough air. This is a very bad sign, so contact your doctor right away.

So whether you are experiencing any of these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately. Do whatever it is necessary to ensure you have good cardiovascular health!

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