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How to Remove Fluoride From the Water We Drink?

Does the fluoride of the water which was introduced in order to reduce caries is unnecessary and harmful ?

The fluoride of water or fluoridation is a process of adding fluoride salt in the water supply, in some countries. In most of Europe it is not implemented.

A concentration of one part fluorine is added to million parts of water, i.e. 1 mg of fluorine per liter of water (1 mg / L) to reduce the incidence of caries by 60%.

Fluorine has been introduced in order to reduce caries. This procedure began in 1945 in the USA. Usually fluorine compounds are added to drinking water in the form of synthetic salts of sodium hexafluorosilicate and are not noticed, because it has no colour, nor odor.

It is a process that in the US costs an average of about 1 US dollar per person, yearly.

Sometimes de-fluorine of water is needed, i.e. reduction of fluoride in the water, if the level exceeds the recommended limit.

The World Health Organization in 1994 proposed that the level of fluoride is 0.5 to 1.0 mg/l (milligrams per liter) depending on the climate.

Some bought bottled water usually have unknown levels of fluoride, and some domestic filters of water remove some or all fluoride from the water.

Besides water, fluoridated can be some groceries, kitchen salt and milk. Fluoride is introduced into the mouth in the form of various preparations, dental pastes and mouthwashes.

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