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How to Stop an Unbearable Mosquito Bite Itch in Just 1 Minute!

The season of hot and humid weather is already in full swing, and with it goes the buzzing of pesky mosquitoes, their stings, irritant itching and red swelling.

We present to you a surprisingly simple trick with which you can easily get rid of the itching, caused by a mosquito bite and only in one minute.

mosquito bite

All you have to do is to warm up a metal spoon, under running hot water from the tap, holding it under running water for 1 minute and then press it directly on the sting. Hold it firmly on the skin for about one minute.

When you remove the spoon, the itching will disappear!

How does it work?

When “bitten” by a mosquito, while he is sucking your blood, it injects certain proteins under the skin, aimed not to thicken the blood so that it can collect it on time. These proteins are the ones that cause the itching, and they cannot survive in the moderately high temperature – which you will reach by placing the warm spoon. But be careful, so you don’t get burned.

The swelling of the sting will probably stay a few more days, but the unpleasant itching will disappear.

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