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How to Use Himalayan Salt Against HEADACHES, to Improve Air Quality and Sleep Better

It is known that Himalayan salt, used in the kitchen has a lot of benefits, such as helping with digestion and lowering the blood pressure.

The mineral is hand-mined from the Himalayan mountains and is used everywhere, in different forms.

Himalayan salt lamps and negative ions

Natural locations make us feel revitalized and refreshed. Nature produces negative ions and there is a way to mimic them in our home. Himalayan salt lamps physically and chemically can transform a room – not just in glow and color, but also in its effects and healthy benefits.

salt lamp

Positive ions

Positive ions are not actually a positive thing. They are usually named “electronic smog”, which is one of the fastest and most common growing environmental influences. So, we are fortunate that there is a simple way to make any room in our home neutralized (negative ions).

The positivity of negative ions

Negative ions are produced in nature: at the beach, in the forest and near waterfalls. They attract natural pollution such as mold, dust and other irritants and allergies. When ions attach to these pollutions, they neutralize them by giving them a negative charge so they lose their dangerous properties.

Himalayan salt lamps

Himalayan salt lamps are also known as “Vitamins of the air”. These lamps, not only do they have a small bulb on the inside that produces light, but they also produce negative-ion atmosphere, which we all know is very healthy.

What do Himalayan salt lamps do?

Himalayan salt lamps ionize the room, neutralize and balance artificial frequencies, and unnatural electromagnetic waves from electronics. They also produce rainbow-spectrum light waves to sooth and heal your body.

Health benefits:


Headaches and migraines

– Mental and stress-related disorders (also insomnia)

– Respiratory problems (also colds)

– Blood system disorders

It is also better if you have more than one lamp at home. Put one in each room, or just in the most visited ones.

Important notice:

Be sure to buy a lamp that is made from real Himalayan salt. Substitutes will not provide you with the same healthy benefits.

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