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How Your Face Can Reveal Hidden Signs of Diseases!

The appearance and structure of your face can reveal a lot about your health. For example, protruding eyes may indicate a disorder of the thyroid gland – writes Daily Mail.

Here’s how other parts of your face can uncover hidden signs of diseases!


White circle in the iris – may be a sign of high cholesterol. An increased percentage of fat can be manifested in fatty lumps or pimples on the eyelids or the skin around the eyes.

Falling eyelids – this may indicate a condition called Bell’s palsy, which is caused by nerve damage.

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Short teeth – This is largely the result of excessive spillage of stomach acid, i.e. frequent burping.

Black tongue – When the papilla on the surface of the tongue is removed as normal, bacteria multiplies, the tongue is colored in black and gives a hairy appearance. This is mainly the result of poor oral hygiene, smoking or a side effect of antibiotics.


Yellow color – When the skin or the whites of the eyes take on a yellow color, it is possible that this is a side effect of the drug, mainly those for diabetes or high blood pressure. The most dangerous case, it is a sign of liver damage or failure.

Wrinkles – Deep wrinkles can be a sign of osteoporosis. Scientists believe that collagen discovers osteoporosis through wrinkles, because it takes part in the construction of bones and skin.


Wrinkles in the earlobe – Experts have come to the conclusion that the diagonal wrinkles in the ears are placed in the group of risk of heart diseases. Studies have proved that people with wrinkles in the ears in 10 percent more cases, suffered from clogged arteries.

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