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If DIABETES is Incurable, Then How These 6 People GOT CURED in Only 30 Days!?

Diabetes is one of the most furious diseases of our time. According to the ADS (American diabetic association), in 2012, 29.1 million Americans or 9,3% of the population has diabetes.

The results for 2014 have not been currently published by diabetes.org, but the actual costs for treatment in May 2013, look like this:

– 245 billion dollars: The total cost of diagnosed diabetes in the US in 2012.

– 176 billion dollars: direct medical costs.

– 69 billion dollars: in reduction of individual productivity.

These People Reversed Their Diabetes in 30 Days

Actually, diabetes is growing quite rapidly. A recently completed study has concluded that, if the trend in diabetes continues to grow linearly in the next 50 years, demographic characteristics and changes in the size of the US population, will lead to a dramatic increase in the number of Americans diagnosed with diabetes.

Under the current mainstream approach to the disease, the main goal in treating diabetes is to minimize any advance of blood sugar (glucose), without creating abnormally low blood sugar levels. Diabetes type 1 is treated with insulin, physical activity and a diet for diabetes. Diabetes type 2 is treated firstly by reducing the weight, diet for diabetes and physical activity.

Now it is believed that “Diabetes is a persistent disease that has no cure.” – American association for diabetics.

But, what if we might just stop diabetes before it happened, and also reverse it after it appears?

6 subjects that “reversed” diabetes in 30 days

In the film “Simply Raw”: Cured from diabetes in 30 days, participated 6 test subjects, and they all had different lifestyles and conditions, but they were all diabetics – 5 of them type 2, and 1 was type 1. Every subject was taking insulin.

Before we proceed in analyzing the results of this film and the research, we must take note of what has been established about diabetes type 1 and type 2, according to the National program of education:

Diabetes type 1 – the body does not produce insulin. Insulin helps the body utilize glucose from food for energy. People with diabetes type 1, must take insulin daily.

Diabetes type 2 – the body does not produce insulin or it does not use it properly. People with type 2 diabetes often need to take insulin or pills. The most common form of diabetes is type 2.

The participants were:

Austin (age 25) had not only type 1 diabetes, but also had a drinking problem.

Kurt (age 25) had a blood sugar level to 1200 units. The normal is under 100 units. His doctor told him: “You should be dead.”

Bill (age 58) went to the cardiologist and he had neuropathy. He couldn’t feel his legs.

Michelle (age 36) was fairly obese.

Henry (age 58) was taking insulin plus 9 tablets a day. His blood sugar level was 464.

Pam (age 62) was fairly obese. Her father, sister and brother are also diabetics.

The method – Raw food

The approach of Gabriel Cousens needed for treating people with diabetes lies in the change in their food. He states that studies have shown that when it comes to health, people who eat meat 4 times more are likely to develop breast cancer, 4 times more than diabetes, 3.6 times more than prostate cancer, and a lot more than the common chronic diseases and 3 times more than leukemia, if they drink milk.

Regarding the relationship with food, he believes in the love of mostly raw food access and consumption of herbs. His team has prepared raw, well-balanced and complete meals for people over the period of 30 days. Food has become their remedy.

With medical control, all subjects were taking their medication as they needed and ate food that was prepared by the team.

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