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Italian Women Reveal Their Recipe for Beauty: 10 Tips for Proper Nutrition

Is it possible to be fit and elegant in the land of pizza, pasta and ice cream? Despite their most famous meals, Italy however, has no problem with obesity. What is their secret?

1. The trick is in balancing and smaller portions

– Italian women eat very often, but less. The do not take the calories into account, but stop eating the same moment when they feel satiated and have place for just one coffee. Also their portions are composed of the same number of fat, carbohydrates, starch and protein, while they often avoid eating red meat.

2. They only use olive oil

– Olive oil has an excellent reputation in Italy, and therefore is the main ingredient in all their meals. They use it as main oil for salads, sauce making, and even frying. It is almost impossible to imagine Italian cuisine without it.

3. They consume fresh and raw food

– This is especially true in the south, in the exotic Sicily, where every meal is enriched with tomatoes, vegetables, spices and lemon. Pasta is served with little olive oil, homemade tomato sauce and oregano and are always served in small portions.

4. Frequent walks

– They love to walk, so that is why they often move on foot. Whether they just want to take a recreational walk or have commitments they have to finish, they prefer walking. Also, during the summer these girls often go on weekend out of town, where they are physically very active.

5. Small portions for breakfast

– In any Italian family, breakfast cannot be skipped. But, unlike other nations in Europe, they prefer much smaller portions for breakfast.

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