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Jin Shin Jyutsu Touch Therapy Relieves Pain and Stress, Boost Energy and Balance Emotions

The nerve endings on the fingers of the hands are associated with certain organs and internal feelings that occur.

For some emotions there is no specific medicine or pill, but by reducing the intensity of the feeling it may considerably change the situation.

Each finger is responsible for different feelings, so, depending on what is going on, with just a 5 minute massage of a certain finger you can feel better. This method is called Jin Shin Jyutsu and it’s a 5 minute touch therapy.

Jin Shin Jyutsu

All you need to do, is catch the one finger responsible for certain emotion that you feel and gently massage or hold it with the palm of your other hand around 5 minutes, while deeply and slowly you inhale and exhale. You will feel relief right away.

If you want to completely calm down and do a balance of your body, you can massage the middle of the palm.

This is a map of your feelings associated with your fingers:


Emotions: stress, anxiety, tension

Organs: stomach, spleen

Physical symptoms: abdominal pain, headache, nervousness, skin problems

Index finger

Emotions: fear, anemia, back pain

Organs: kidney, bladder

Physical symptoms: problems with digestion, pain in the joints, elbows, shoulders, muscles, back, dental problems

Middle finger

Emotions: anger, frustration, indecision, exhaustion

Organs: liver, gall

Physical symptoms: problems with vision, headache in the forehead area, menstrual pain, problems with blood circulation

Ring finger

Emotions: sadness, suffering, love problems, breathing

Organs: lungs, colon

Physical symptoms: digestive problems, asthma, ringing in the ears, subcutaneous diseases

Little finger

Emotions: stress, heart problems

Organs: heart, small intestine

Physical symptoms: problems with the bones and nerves, heart problems, blood pressure, sore throat, stomach pain

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