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Kombucha – The Drink of Immortality!

Kombucha is a beverage made from Japanese tea fungus- kombucha. It had been used in Russia, Japan and Eastern Europe for centuries. The name kombucha comes from Japan, from the year 415.

In ancient times, this beverage was a privilege only to royals and was treated as an untouched Japanese secret. Thousands of years ago, the Japanese king invited the Chinese king. When the guest was about to leave, the kind host wanted to give the respected guest something precious, as a gift to remember. Of course, it was kombucha. Thus, the Chinese court has been brought to the same regime, regarding the gift. But, the humane Chinese king wanted to grant its poor people with gifts, so the peculiar fungus started to travel through the Asian continent towards the rest of the world.


Russia has a long tradition in using this healthy beverage, called “kvass tea” made from this Japanese fungus.

From Russia, the drink spread to Poland, Prussia, Germany and Denmark, but it seems to have disappeared during the World War II. After the war, Dr. Rudolph Sklenar restored the interest for kombucha in Germany, when he started using it in his practice for treatment of cancer, high blood pressure, metabolic disorders and diabetes.

Kombucha is a fungus composed of gelatin and tough fungus membrane, in a form of a flat disc. Lives in a nutrient solution of sugar and tea, in which it constantly multiplies. First, the fungi disc extends over the entire surface of the tea, and then thickens. When it is grown in the right way, it grows and sprouts.

Throughout the process of oxidation and fermentation, the fungus in the tea acts with various complex reactions. It feeds with the sugar in the tea and in return produces other valuable substances, which are an integral part of the kambucha liquid: glycolic and lactic acid, amino acids, vitamins, antibiotic ingredients … This is why this fungus tea is a small biochemical factory.

What does the kambucha – liquid contain and how does it work?

Kombucha contains several times the amount of vitamin C than the lemon. From the vitamins of B group it contains: B12, B6, B3, B2 and B1. It also contains different types of enzymes. It is especially important to point out the presence of L – lactic acid, which in 1 liter of fluid can achieve up to 3ml.

The most important component, which is found in a large quantity of kombucha extract is the glycolic acid. Modern science, still has failed to synthesize this acid. A healthy liver produces it to purify the blood. It bears the epithet of “chief cleaner” of the toxins found in the process of the metabolism in the human body, as well as the harmful substances which enter from the external environment through food, air, water etc. The captivated toxins are removed through the bile and intestines, as well as the kidneys and urine in the form of glucuronoside.

Under normal conditions, the healthy liver secretes the glycolic acid in sufficient quantities, but the problem occurs when our body is burdened with increased amount of toxins from the external environment. Then our liver fails to produce the sufficient amount of this acid and thus creates favorable conditions, for the occurrence of cancer and other degenerated diseases.

The antibiotic component in kombucha – a liquid, is an acid with increased antibiotic and partly an antiviral activity.

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