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Learn How to Grow a Lemon Tree in a Cup! It’s Simple Yet Beautiful!

Have you ever thought of planting a lemon tree at home, in a cup?

Well, here are some instructions on how to do just that!

Take the largest seeds of grapefruit or lemon and clean them thoroughly. Then put them in a cup and pour them with water. Leave the seeds for about 6-7 days, but be sure to change their water daily. While soaking, it is normal for the seeds to be covered with gelatin sheet.

Lemon seeds

Put a couple of stones at the bottom of the cup and after that fill it with moist soil. The seeds should be put, in the ground, with pointed ends to the bottom, leaving 5mm space between them.

You must not forget to spray the surface with water, 2-3 days. You can cover the cup with a foil or a nylon bag, to create a greenhouse effect.

Proceed to spray them once in every 2 days.

The first shoots should appear in about 7-8 days. If there are a lot of shoots, you can transplant them into a bigger container so that they are not too close.

When the seedlings are grown, after 3-5 months, choose the strongest ones and most beautiful, and transplant them into separate pots. The structure of the soil should remain the same.

In the summer they should be watered, put in fresh air and fertilized with nutrient citrus.

If you have a garden, you can put them in the ground with the flowerpot on a sunny place.

In winter, they love fresh and bright rooms, without ice. Moderately water them, but do not allow the soil to dry.

In the spring, you can cut off the branches, and new ones will grow.

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