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Learn to Recognize Them – Physical Symptoms That Suggest Depression

At least 69% of people with depression may not feel any sorrow – their symptoms are primarily physical. The sense of physical fatigue, the need for sweets or some vague pain, can be signs of depression.

According to experts from Washington University, 2 or 3 of these symptoms may indicate depression even though you are not aware of it. Take a look at the possible symptoms:

–          Fatigue and lethargy

–          Unspecified pain in the body that does not pass

–          Difficult to control appetite

–          Poor concentration and confusion

–          Difficulties and issues by submitting everyday stress

–          Frequent outbursts of anger and tension

–          It is hard to fall asleep and also hard to wake up

What to do?

Folic acid belongs to the group vitamin B complex, and is most prevalent in beans, lentils and spinach. Vitamin D can be easily obtained, if you are daily exposed to daylight. Be careful only to avoid burns. Or you can simply take vitamin D in addition to food.

Take an afternoon walk

Many people, nearly 96% of the time spent indoors. But, the best way to encourage the happiness hormone serotonin is the combination of daylight and motion. It is a powerful combination and improves the mood”, says Dr. Marie-Annette Brown, author of the book “When your body gets the blues”.

Eat avocado

Eat half and avocado every day, and you will reduce the risk of depression and existing symptoms by 25% and more, shows a survey conducted in the United States. Avocados are full of monounsaturated fats that encourage the secretion of dopamine, which corrects mood.


A recent study showed that dancing reduces depression by 67%. The combination of dancing and exercising can trigger the production of hormones that soothe the organism. For best results, dance for 30 minutes, four times a week.


A 20 minute massage once a week can improve mood and reduce symptoms of depression. The massage will relax you and will positively affect your body and your mind.

Eat dark chocolate

This sweet is a powerful antidepressant that removes fatigue and other physical symptoms. One study showed that 28 grams of dark chocolate daily, is an excellent dietary supplement that will improve your mood.

Subscribe to a club

A recent study in England showed that 72% of depressed women, who once a week spend time in a group (book club, sports club or similar), experienced improvement in a month.  

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